Blue Pasta

Butterfly-Pea / Kittelbloem Magic 

In the picturesque Swiss landscape, where the Alps pierce the sky and the lakes glisten in the sun, a young and passionate chef discovered the many possibilities of the ‘Butterfly-pea flower’. Chef de cuisine Antonio is well known for his innovative approach to classic Italian dishes and his inexhaustible curiosity for new natural ingredients.

On a certain day, he was captivated by the deep blue colour and delicate aroma of the Butterfly-Pea Flower. Together with a small Italian pasta factory, he took up the challenge:

“The Blue Pasta”

By adding the Butterfly-Pea flower powder, they created a paste that turns a surprising blue after boiling. But it doesn’t stop at just blue – when the pasta is cooked with curry powder, it transforms and changes colour to a beautiful green paste, and when cooked with Lemon, the blue paste turns into an amazing purple colour.
Antonio’s new creation creates excitement and wonder in the culinary world. The story of the Blue Pasta spreads like a fairy tale, where the colourful transformation of the pasta becomes a symbol of creativity and unexpected beauty in the kitchen.

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